Overnight News Sentiment Dashboard to Help you Trade the Open

The Market Open can be very Unpredictable !

In the absense of Continuous Price Discovery, a stock could make very big moves overnight !
For example, $AMZN dropped 2% at the open on 02-09-2019, that's $16B market cap lost in one night...

SENDASH makes the Open more Predictable.

Our Overnight News Sentiment Dashboard gives you signals before the opening bell.


To see our presentation on the making of SENDASH click here.

Overnight News Summary

Our algo distills the essence of all news articles that came out after market close, using machine learning, into Sentiment Polarity Scores and Relevance for each stock.

Total Sentiment Score

Computes all news sentiments into one score and an opening signal with confidence level.

Intraday Stock Chart

Visualizes intraday stock prices between two consecutive trading dates.

Live Market Data

Latest Bid-Ask (Level 1) quotes, Prices of Leading Indicators, Key Stats and Company Description for each stock all in one glace.

Market Clock

Real-time countdown to the next opening bell

Opening Range Prediction

Generated using historical returns to give you perspective on the current opening price.

John Ho

former Prop Trading desk jockey turned Data Science Enthusiast. Python whisperer, lover of Pandas, and Chatbot Hobbyist.

Rico Ng

Aspiring Data Scientist, a Chinese language and literature graduate interested in Natural Language Processing and its applications

Larry Wong

Data storyteller with software engineering background, passionate about data science